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Update: just minutes after posting by blog, it was announced that Jack IS back at Twitter, now as “Executive Chairman”. Check-out the news everywhere or here at ReadWriteWeb.

I am getting so inspired by the fabulous Jack Dorsey from Square. Watch this video and the full transcript on Techcrunch. Read David Kirkpatrick’s article in Vanity Fair with the title “Twitter Was Act One”

He makes me think of Liam Gallagher from Oasis. He has something “very British”. He is stylish. The same arrogance. The same pureness. The same design and drive for perfection. And skimming down until only the essence is left over.


One comment reads: “you know what ? Maybe it’s too sounding like the beatles or John Lennon (that was my first reaction). But as a great beatles fan, i’m just glad to see some guys carrying the torch and able to do great music”


beadyeye1stpiconline (1)


And have you seen the interview over the week-end (I think it was BBC) with Liam as part of the launch of the new post-Oasis band Beady Eye ? It seems that the voice of Liam was recorded without any effect, no echo, nothing (not the case in above video).



The essence

The minimalism of Twitter


Which brings us back to Jack. I believe Jack is the John Lennon of Payments. That Square means for payments what The Beatles mean for music.

Back to the video.




Some quotes from the different articles and transcripts, to get you a good idea how genius this guy is.

  • “Little Jack Dorsey was obsessed with maps of cities”. Read my recent posts and thinking about the connected economy, the connected company, the connected team and the connected value. They happen also to be the big trusts for our Innotribe at Sibos 2011 in Toronto, later this year
  • he studied for a year to become a certified massage therapist (Martine will love this)


“Payment is another form of communication,” he says, “but it’s never been treated as such. It’s never been designed. It’s never felt magical. We’re the only payments company in the world that’s concerned with design,”

  • So the architects designed this gorgeous bridge, but the problem with the Golden Gate is that this is an extremely tumultuous area, if you’ve ever sailed through this or taken a boat through this, the waves are immense. Or surfed through it, which is more dangerous. It’s a disaster, I mean all the weather of the Bay is being forced through this one single point. So, all these elements create this perfect storm of turbulence. It’s extremely deep in the middle and it’s an epic span, so this was not an easy challenge.
  • And a lot of people think of design, when they hear the word design as visual, something that looks pretty.


Design is not just visual, design is


Design is making something simple

Design is epic

Design is making it easy for a user to

get from point A to point B


Reliability is a feature. This is what Brian said earlier, availability, reliability, and staying up, that’s a feature and that’s a product, and it has to be well-designed and thought after and considered, and that’s what we’re doing.

I think I’m just an editor, and I think every CEO is an editor. I think every leader in any company is an editor. Taking all of these ideas and you’re editing them down to one cohesive story, and in my case, my job is to edit the team, so we have a great team that can produce the great work and that means bringing people on and in some cases having to let people go.

This is the bridge I want to cross. [Shows Golden Gate]


This is how I want to arrive at a destination:


This is classy

This is limitless

This is inspiring

This is gorgeous


My dream is to have him at Innotribe Mumbai, where we’ll talk and discuss about Mobile Payments, connecting the un-banked and financial inclusion.

Would really like to hear Jack’s view on design and perfection for that.

Bring Jack Back. To be classy, limitless, inspiring and gorgeous.

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Innotribe at Sibos 2010 in Amsterdam was such a success that we decided to start running stand-alone Innotribe events. The first event in its kind is Innotribe Mumbai on 1-2 June 2011. It’s not an or/or story. We keep on organizing Innotribe at Sibos.

At Sibos this year, we will have 3 technology inspired topics: Big Data, Digital Identity and Social. We will also have 3 non-technology inspired topics: Corporate Culture, Where does the investment money go for innovation, and New Capitalism.

Some of the Innotribe themes of 2010 will go mainstream at Sibos Toronto: Cloud computing and Mobile are two excellent examples. Other new topics will be introduced: they have the potential to go mainstream in 2012 or 2013.

As you can see, the stand-alone Innotribe events are part of our build-up towards Sibos Toronto.

What we try to do at those stand-alone events ànd Sibos is 3-fold:

  • Extend the type of audience for our events: more innovators, movers and shakers and local entrepreneurs
  • Extend the type of content. Mobile, big data, social, digital identity. Not necessarily that SWIFT wants always to play an active role in these, but to create an active and collaborative conversation with the financial industry on these topics
  • Extend the brand of SWIFT into a brand that relates to innovation

SWIFT is therefore pleased to invite you to attend Innotribe Mumbai, a two-day event that will bring together a powerful combination of people from banks, carriers and mobile device, platform and service providers – as well as local and international entrepreneurs – to explore the ways in which mobile technology are enabling greater financial inclusion. What will the financial and telecoms industries look like in the future, and what can you do to help shape them?

Mobile paymentsInnotribe events are built around an energising mix of education, new perspectives, collaboration and facilitation. Innotribe Mumbai participants will be able to learn from each others’ opinions, ideas and business models. Also expect exposure to longer-term perspectives through discussions about the future of money and the dramatic business model shifts market participants will likely undergo as that future becomes a reality.

The detailed agenda is shaping up, and we have already confirmed the participation of some of the most influential innovators in our industry and beyond.

Mark the date in your calendar and follow us on Twitter. We just published a very tentative program for this event, and registration will formally open on 21 March 2011.

Hope to see many of you there.

May the Innotribe vibe be with you.

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