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Innotribe is SWIFT’s initiative to foster collaborative innovation in financial services – through debating the options (at Innotribe events) and supporting the creation of innovative new solutions (through incubation).

Hugh MacLeod Innotribe Ignite Man


Now in its third year, Innotribe at Sibos, Innotribe’s flagship event, runs throughout Sibos week and offers a comprehensive programme exploring a range of topics crucial to the financial industry. Innotribe at Sibos in Toronto will once again bring together a powerful combination of world experts to participate in an exciting mix of keynote sessions, case studies, and interactive discussions.


Some aspects of Innotribe at Sibos in Toronto will be familiar to those who’ve attended before – for example, we are keeping the Innotribe Labs and the magic they create.

But we will also explore new formats and new topics. We will experiment with new facilitation techniques such as game-storming and open space discussions. We will build on our history of creating compelling line-ups of exciting speakers to bring together a set of our most exciting innovators yet to participate. We will close the event with the Innotribe Celebration – our most ambitious interactive experience yet.

Here are Mela and Kosta explaining the high level what and how: http://innotribe.wordpress.com/2011/09/06/innotribesibos-toronto-2011-the-what-and-the-how/

In many sessions we will engage with students from the Social Data Lab from Stanford University and with young entrepreneurs bringing to the table the energy of Silicon Valley. And Chris Skinner will have a very special role: besides blogging, interviewing and tweeting he will also be our professional challenger to keep you and our speakers sharp.


This year’s Innotribe technology inspired topics are Social Data and Collaboration, Big Data, and Digital Identity. And for the first time, Innotribe will explore non-technology topics – corporate culture, new economies, and a Start-Up competition .

Two technology topics from previous Innotribe editions now move to the main conference: Cloud and Mobile. For the technology topics above, we have teamed up with our IT colleagues who are launching this year the “Technology Stream”, covering Cloud Computing, Time to Market, and Catastrophic Risk handling. And with our Banking Markets colleagues for the Mobile session on Thursday 22 Sep at 11am. Just another proof, that:

Innotribe at Sibos is the place

where new trends can be discovered

and explored,

before they hit mainstream

Who should attend?

Innotribe at Sibos is open to all who come to Toronto. It brings together strategists, business and technology leaders, trend-setters and trend-watchers, thinkers interested in shaping the future and doers looking to implement it – in short, anyone keen to find out how the world is changing and what that means to our industry.

Why attend?

Join us to discover new business and technology trends; share and discuss ground-breaking ideas for co-investment; and challenge each other to build theoretical concepts into tangible prototypes in professionally facilitated workshops.



Innotribe opening: The Power of the Tribe
In 2010, this session was standing room only. 2011 will be no different. Through a couple of inspiring keynotes, spiced up with some novel interactive formats and techniques, we will introduce this year’s Innotribe topics. A session not to be missed!

Already confirmed:

  • Brett King, Author of Bank 2.0
  • Heather Vescent, Futurist
  • Dan Robles, CEO – Social Flights
  • James Gardner, MD International – Spigit

Discovering the new Physics of Big data
The quantity of data available to our businesses is sky-rocketing. Data volumes continue to explode, doubling every 14 months. So what tools are out there to enable us to use the patterns that can be identified in huge data sets such as Twitter, blogs, and other forms of social media to make correlations and even predict trends? Also get the lowdown on the SWIFT Index – a research project into how SWIFT traffic data can correlate with economic indicators such as GDP. And find out the latest on SWIFT’s Business Intelligence tools and how they can help you turn data into decisions.

Already confirmed:

  • Michael Chui, Senior Fellow – McKinsey&Company
  • Jeff Jonas, Chief Scientist IBM Analytics Group – IBM Research Labs, Los Angeles
  • Sean Park, Founder – Anthemis Group
  • Larry Ryan, Chief Technologist Financial Service Industry – HP
  • Amir Halfon, Senior Director of Technology – Oracle
  • David Campbell, Technical Fellow – Microsoft
  • Michael Ouliel, CEO – Ripple Homeland Security Group
  • Michael Driscoll, CTO – Metamarketsgroup
  • Francis Martin, SWIFT

Related topics:

  • SWIFT Index will be have it’s own deep dive session later that week in the SWIFT Auditorium
  • Other SWIFT colleagues focused on Business Intelligence will have 2 other related sessions in the SWIFT Auditorium:
    • Leveraging SWIFT’s Business Intelligence solutions – Monday 10AM
    • Define the future of your correspondent banking business with SWIFT Business Intelligence – Wednesday 10AM

Social data and Collaboration
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Chatter and many other social data and collaboration platforms make it possible for banks to bring customer engagement to new levels of excellence. So far so familiar: but what is the bigger impact of social media on the banking business? What opportunities does this phenomenon enable for reputation and influence, talent discovery and development? And what is the best way to balance the opportunities with managing the inevitable compliance and regulation issues that social media create in the financial world?

Already confirmed:

  • Dan Marovitz, MD – Deutsche Bank
  • Boxley LLewellyn, Director of Growth Initiatives Financial Services – IBM
  • Dion Hinchcliffe, Senior Vice President – Dachis Group
  • Tom Coombes, CEO – Cognito Media
  • Pol Navarro, Head of Direct Channels and Innovation – Banc Sabadell
  • Stanford Students
  • Sarah Carter, Vice-President Marketing, Actiance
  • Drummond Reed, CEO and Founder, Connect.me
  • Doc Searls, VRM initiative and Alumnus Fellow – Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard
  • Azeem Azhar, CEO- Peer Index
  • Howard Lindzon, CEO -StockTweets
  • James Gardner, MD International – Spigit
  • Darius A. Miranda, VP Social Business Strategist – Wells Fargo
Digital identity

This interactive session will explore the edges of the digital identity eco-system, looking into personal data stores, trust frameworks, and multi-channel authentication techniques. We will also present the findings of the research phase of SWIFT’s Digital Identity Incubation project.

Already confirmed:

  • Tony Fish, AMF Ventures, Author of “My Digital Footprint”
  • Drummond Reed, Connect.me
  • Doc Searls, VRM initiative and Alumnus Fellow – Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard
  • Azeem Azhar, CEO – Peerindex
  • Gary Thompson, Co-Founder and CEO – CLOUD.Inc
  • Michael Ouliel, CEO – Ripple Homeland Security Group
  • Mary Hodder, Chair – Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium
  • Craig Burton, Founder of Novell, and Founder of The Burton Group
  • Kevin Sharp, SVP Sales EMEA – DAON Identity X
  • Scott David, Partner – K&L Gates LLP law firm

Corporate culture
We will explore how we can create true company culture change beyond powerpoint and processes. How do we allow for the human in our organisations, and show respect for the passion and vulnerability of the individual? How can you turn your company in to a talent factory? How can we create a community of change agents?

Already confirmed:

  • Mark Dowds, CEO Brainspark
  • Harold Jarche, Principal Life in Perpetual Beta
  • Stowe Boyd, Web Anthropologist and Edgling
  • Tom LaForge, Global Director of Human & Cultural Insights, The Coca-Cola Company
  • Sean Park, Founder Anthemis
  • TA Mitchell, Partner – Co Company

New economies
Is money the only form of transaction value and wealth? What about social currencies? We will expose you to new thinking on new economies such as the trust economy, the intention economy, the relationship economy, the social economy and the ethical economy.

Already confirmed:

  • Jerry Michalski, Founder – The REXpedition
  • Art Brock, Co-Founder – Metacurrency Project
  • Dan Robles, Founder – Director – The Ingenesist Project
  • Umair Haque, Director Havas Media Lab and Author New Capitalist Manifesto > Via Skype
  • Gregory J. Rader, Blogger – InTheSpiral
  • Doc Searls, VRM initiative and Alumnus Fellow – Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard
  • Craig Burton, Founder of Novell, and Founder of The Burton Group

Future of Money: is there still a role for banks ?

New payment schemes are trying to enable peer-to-peer money transfers, dis-intermediating the banks. Money is no longer seen as the sole representation of value. New alternative currencies are being created. Facebook credits are now used by more than 250 million people. New payments schemes are being proposed at the infrastructure level of the internet. Currency is open-sourced. How can we create new systems of wealth generation and abundance? What does the future hold for banks and other financial institutions in the wake of massive peer-to-peer exchange? How do we (re)define the role of banks in this fast moving eco-system of new value providers?

Already confirmed:

  • Udayan Goyal, Founder – Anthemis Group
  • Venessa Miemis, Social Technologies Researcher – Future of Facebook
  • Antonio F. Benjamin, Global Chief Technology Officer – Citi
  • Darrell MacMullin, Managing Director – Paypal Canada
  • Heather Vescent, Futurist
  • Donald Norman, Co-Founder and CEO – Bitcoin Consultancy
  • Shamir Karkal, CFO Banksimple
  • Stan Stalnaker, President and Creative Director – Hub Culture

Banks for a better world

This session will explore how Banks and Financial institutions can create a fund and a framework for supporting sustainable and responsible businesses. Together with several inspiring speakers we would like to engage you, the audience to create a vision of what Banks for a Better World may mean. We would like to engage in a conversation around the following topics: How can we create a new generation of wealth and value platforms and services to support sustainable and responsible business? Could we create a fund to invest in developing and supporting new organisations and business models that focus on delivering different value to society, such as “better banks”, ethical businesses, etc? Could today’s financial institutions play an active role in enabling new value transactions – exchanging social reputation for cash, money for social currency?

Already confirmed:

  • Alain Dresse, CEO – Bamboost.org
  • Stowe Boyd, Web Anthropologist and Edgling
  • Stan Stalnaker, President and Creative Director – Hub Culture
  • Bruce Cahan, Found and CEO – Good Bank

Start Me Up: Innotribe start-up competition
The first round of the ‘Start Me Up’ Start-Up Competition! An invitation-only pre-selection session for start-ups, to elect the best top two of which will receive the Innotribe Award later in the week during the Innotribe Celebration…


The 2011 Innotribe $100K Start-up Challenge will introduce the most promising FinTech and Financial Services start-ups to SWIFT’s community of more than 9,700 banking organisations, securities institutions and corporate customers in 209 countries.


On September 21, 2011 at Sibos in Toronto, 10 finalists, selected by their peers and expert judges, will present to an invitation-only audience of dozens of decision makers from the world’s largest financial institutions, serial entrepreneurs, investors and media. And on September 22nd, two of those companies will each be presented with a check for $50,000 in front Sibos’ audience of 8000 financial industry. Learn more.

If your start-up is ready for the recognition and rewards it deserves from the global financial services industry, register and apply to the 2011 Innotribe $100K Start-up Challenge today!

Watch Matteo’s intro video here: http://innotribe.wordpress.com/2011/09/08/innotribe-startup-competition-at-sibos-curious/

The Innotribe Celebration
All the 2011 Innotribe themes will come together on the fourth day of the conference in an exciting non-stop “celebration” from 11am till 15:30pm – featuring open-space sessions, prototype and incubation booths, chatrooms, music, video and other animation, and of course the Award winners of our Start-Up Competition. The celebration will explore “the future of everything”. The buzz and excitement of this day at Sibos will set a new standard for interactivity in the conference space.


Informilo Media Partner for Innotribe

Informilo is the official media partner of Innotribe, is publishing an independent 16 to 20 page print report at Sibos entitled:

“The Networked Economy:

How Technology

Will Radically Transform Banks

and the Future of Money”

The glossy print publication is being overseen by Jennifer L. Schenker, a journalist with 30 years experience who has worked full-time, at various points in her career, for the Wall Street Journal Europe, Time Magazine, International Herald Tribune, Red Herring and BusinessWeek.


The magazine will use first-rate independent journalists who have worked at some of the world’s most prominent newspapers and magazines.  The publication will put business and technological developments in context, explaining how everything from mobile money to cloud computing will forever
change the world of banking.

The outline of the publication is as follows:

  • The future is here: are banks ready for it?
  • Getting the most from Big Data
  • Digital Identity
  • Mobile Money: monetizing a widening digital slipstream
  • Beyond Kenya: mobile money in the developing world
  • The future of money: is there still a future for banks?
  • Top-25: the hottest start-ups in the financial space
  • Re-inventing management in the digital age
  • Banks for a better world?

A range of opportunities are available for sponsors wishing to effectively reach and influence potential clients in this targeted publication.


Innotribe at Sibos 2011 will rock! Make sure to bring your energy pills!

Innotribe is about being infected

by irresistible contagious enthusiasm

of open-minded, curious

and passionate people


You can follow the progress of our program as speaker announcements continue between now and September on the Sibos website. Many more speakers and inspirational thought leaders will get confirmed in the coming weeks. Follow our daily tweets at http://twitter.com/innotribe or regularly check-out the Sibos website where we have grouped all sessions that are related to Innotribe at Sibos:


We look forward

to seeing you in Toronto!

Download and check-out our latest PDF flyer here:


The Innotribe team





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