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On 14 May 2013, the Innotribe team is organising an exclusive invitation-only Innotribe Workshop at Level39, Canary Warf, London. The topic of this workshop is “Network Insights for business growth”.


This workshop is targeted at senior strategists who would like to discover how big data and scenario thinking can lead to early warning systems and new network insights to assist in business growth strategies.

Your organisation is indeed hyper-connected with your business partners. You are not alone. Billions of connected business, people, applications and devices and in future far more sensors, and transactions now add up to create unimaginable amounts of information. This new environment will require extraordinary insights and adaptability: It is as if we are a species from dry land that has to learn to live in the ocean. Already now, we swim in a sea of data and the sea level, so to speak, is rising rapidly. This new environment requires a new design for companies and network insights, representing both threats and opportunities.

networks and oceans

The networks that we are part of can be looked at as dynamic fluid systems: the infrastructure of pipes creates a hyper-connected environment. The end-points in networks can be different entities: financial institutions, corporates, and market infrastructures, etc. And physically wired networks can host many different functional sub-ecosystems: some represent major traffic highways, others are more hub-to-hub topologies, others function as pure peer-to-peer exchanges. These different entities and sub-ecosystems also influence each other: they create “ripple effects” up and downstream, as well as “currents” that create significant interdependencies, like ocean currents.

During this exclusive invitation-only Innotribe workshop, we will explore the following topics:


  • What if you could get deep intelligence about what’s going on in these fluid networks in real-time?
  • How could that inform your growth strategies, long term scenario planning and policies?
  • What if you could combine quantitative and qualitative network intelligence streams, and combine them with scenario thinking into real insights and possible early warning systems?
  • How can you use network insights to inform your future scenario planning and strategies for growth?
  • How we use these insights for better informed risk management policies?


“Network Insights for Growth” will be organized in the authentic Innotribe-way. We will bring together thought leaders in highly interactive conversations, facilitated by the renowned Innotribe team. In this year’s Innotribe events and workshops, we also try to limit the number of subjects covered, so we can experience deeper conversations and insights.

Level39 Logo

This “Network Insights for Growth” event will he held at and in collaboration with Level39, Europe’s largest accelerator space, where technology, accelerator and innovation companies are being invited from around the world to come and run their startup and accelerator programs, in one of the most inspiring spaces in London. Situated in the heart of one of the most advanced ‘smart cities’ in Europe, Level39 occupies the entire 39th floor of Canary Wharf’s iconic One Canada Square.

level39 room

We will start at 10:00am UK on 14 May 2013 with planned closure of the workshop around 4pm UK. With plenty of informal networking opportunities and informal conversations during the networking breaks and lunch. This event is free-of-charge.

If you like to attend this exclusive workshop, please contact me and I will get you your personal invitation. Number of seats is limited.

Looking forward to continue our critical dialogue in London on 14 May 2013.

Detailed program:

10:00 – 10:15                       Welcome and Introduction

  • Fabian Vandenreydt – Head of Markets Management and Core Business Development –  SWIFT


10:15 – 11:45                       5 different lenses (15 min talks by)


11:45 – 12:00                       Break

12:00 – 13:00                       Interactive workshop

13:00 – 14:00                       Lunch

14:00 – 14:30                       Taking Stock

14:30 – 15:30                       2nd Interactive Workshop

15:30 – 16:00                       Conclusions, next steps and wrap-up

We plan to continue the conversation on this topic during this year’s Innotribe@sibos in September 2013 in Dubai. During the May workshop in London, we hope to establish a solid baseline as a stepping stone for our in-depth sessions on “Scenario Thinking” and “Network Insights” in Dubai. Earlier this week, i posted a preview of our 2013 Innotribe Sibos program.


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This year, our annual flagship event Innotribe@Sibos celebrates its fifth anniversary. Running throughout Sibos week, the event offers a comprehensive programme exploring a range of topics crucial to the financial industry.


Innotribe@Sibos in Dubai will once again bring together a powerful combination of world experts to participate in an exciting mix of keynote sessions, case studies, and interactive immersive discussions and learning experiences.

Last year in Osaka, the Innotribe space was a fantastic spacious tent in the middle of the conference patio. It just looked gorgeous! This year, we have a really big conference room accessible from the main conference area through a tunnel. The tunnel will be a magical transition between the more traditional Sibos environment and the subterranean Innotribe Space. The tunnel will also serve as an area for exposition, informal gathering and special multimedia experiences. I have seen some early designs for the space and tunnel, and it all has a very “clubby” feeling to it. It made me think of clubs of the 80’ies with a Vive-la-Fête feeling to it. Just play the video/music below while you read the rest of the post: you’ll get into the rythm 🙂

The space and the tunnel are part of the experience, and therefore the tagline for this year’s Innotribe@Sibos is

“There is light at the end of the tunnel”

creating a positive inspiring environment, looking into the future with a mindset of progress, hope and purpose.


Building on the feedback we’ve received over the last few years, we have tried to observe the following principles in the design of this year’s programme:

  • Less topics, but more depth;
  • Keep the freshness and relevance of the themes and topics;
  • Keep the uniqueness of the Innotribe format: highly interactive and immersive group learning experiences;
  • Discovery, awareness, future oriented;
  • A healthy mix of technology and non-technology subjects (societal impact);
  • Introducing the concept of “journeys”, so that you can follow a track from A-Z as a learning curve, or pick and choose depending on your familiarity and expertise with the topic;
  • Our ambition remains to co-discover, co-design, co-create and co-deliver.


We have selected four major themes that will be:

Value/Wealth 3.0

  • Continuing from previous conversations on The Future of Money, Banks for a Better World, Social Business, and the great re-definition of wealth and well-being. New are topics on Design Thinking, Investment Management 2.0 and Intangible Assets. We have also partnered with www.happathon.com to crowdsource a global measure of well-being versus wealth.


Innovation 3.0

  • Or the re-invention of innovation. In many organisations, the discussion about innovation is hampered by a low quality and polarizing dialogue; incremental vs disruptive, core vs non-core, internal vs external. We can do better: there is a simple line running from where companies were and the processes they needed thirty years ago to a highly externalized enterprise that carries new rules and needs new processes.
  • We will also discuss new models from other industries and emerging markets – Jugaad, Shanzai, Reverse Innovation – and inject new thinking modes like design thinking, scenario thinking, business model thinking.
  • Last but not least, we will engage you in an interactive game/experience to discover a day in the lifetime of a creative banker.

Start-me-up 3.0

  • Whereas the previous two streams are maybe more conceptual, this stream is all about actual innovations, where the “rubber meets the road”.
  • In “The future is already here”, we have invited some awesome speakers that will shake the tree and showcase some mind-blowing innovations in financial industry.
  • We will also discuss the outcome and ways forward for the “Hypertribes” model, a possible new way to accelerate innovation for the industry at large.
  • This stream culminates in the Grand Finale of the Innotribe Start-Up Challenge 2013.

Network Insights 3.0

  • The networks that we are part of can be looked at as dynamic fluid systems. What if you could tap into the intelligence buried in these data currents?
  • What about combining quantitative and qualitative data streams that lead to early warning systems for growth and resilience that can inform future scenario thinking? Could these new technologies lead to new insights for better informed risk management policies?
  • Topics include network cartography, natural language generation, fraud detection, and pattern recognition.

Throughout the week, we will use the tunnel as a hospitality and exposition zone, with fascinating demos about artificial intelligence, augmented reality and multi-media interactivity. And as usual, the whole program is peppered with a whole range of props, humour and fun.



The Innotribe Startup Challenge 2013 introduces the world’s most promising FinTech and financial services start-ups to the global community of financial institutions, venture capitalists, angels and influencers actively investing in innovation. Innotribe@Sibos will host the Grande Finale of the 2013 Challenge, following regional showcases in the America, EMEA and APAC.  From a total of more than 200 candidates, the 15 very best start-ups of 2013 will compete in front of a live audience and professional judge panel for a cash price of 50,000 USD.

ISDC banner Mela white bkg

Who should attend?

Innotribe@Sibos is open to all who come to Dubai. It brings together strategists, business and technology leaders, trend-setters and trend-watchers, and thinkers interested in taking action and shaping the future. In short, anyone keen to find out how the world is changing and what that means for our industry.

Why attend?

Join us to discover new business and technology trends; share and discuss ground-breaking ideas for co-investment; and challenge each other to build theoretical concepts into tangible prototypes in professionally facilitated workshops.


Innotribe at Sibos 2013 will celebrate its fifth edition with four days of intense inspiration and interactive immersive learning experiences. This is the place to get inspired, where you can share and discuss ground-breaking ideas, connect with great people, challenge each other in professionally facilitated workshops, and most of all… have fun.

Innotribe is about being infected

by irresistible contagious enthusiasm

of open-minded, curious

and passionate people


You can follow the progress of our program on the Sibos website as speaker announcements continue between now and September. Follow our daily tweets at http://twitter.com/innotribe or visit the website to find out more about  all Innotribe-related sessions at Sibos: www.sibos.com

We look forward to seeing you in Dubai!


By @petervan from the Innotribe team

Cross-Posted on Innotribe Blog



Twitter: @innotribe and @petervan

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Every now and then, we are reminded that life is not eternal. I am typing this during a lazy Sunday afternoon: the first real day of spring after a way too long winter. Yesterday, it was still cold, windy and humid: i was attending the funeral of my uncle Gustave who passed away at the age of 82 after a long disease.

Death, birth and marriage are probably the only occasions i come into a church. Like at the funeral of my uncle Roger, the holy mass was sober, simple, and bringing back plenty of memories of my childhood.


My uncle Gustave was bold. He was about one head smaller than me. I remember how we had fun every time we met and I bended forward to kiss him hello on his bold forehead.

Gustave was a man of “Joie de vivre”, liked a good glass of wine or spirit, and could enjoy from time to time a good quality cigar. He got in love with France, Paris, the French Riviera, the Cote d’Azur, the big French chansonniers in the 60’ies. It was therefore no coincidence that his goodbye included this classic from Joe Dassin “Et si tu n”existais pas” (subtitles in French and English in below video)

I started dreaming away to this “Vive la Fête” and “Vive la Vie” crazy period. And could lively remember the scandal atmosphere of Saint-Tropez, Brigitte Bardot, Serge Gainsbourg, many others…

brigitte_bardot_medium map.of.riviera serge gainsbourg and brigitte bardot

Every of these memories reminds me that we only live once, and we should remember every day the “Carpe Diem” mantra. We plan and live as if there never comes an end to it. Until we are hit by a disease, accident, or one of our loved ones passes away.

But we should not wait until mourning knocks on our door. Every moment can be one of wonder and marvel. Even in the darkest winter times.

My 7 year old daughter reminds me everyday of the sparkling discoveries of life. She starts to play with words, at times feeling like poetry. Just a couple of weeks ago, winter had created a thick snow carpet in our garden; it was a bright sunny day, blue sky. She looked out of the window with he clear brown eyes, and whispered softly: “Look daddy, it’s white summer”. Wow! White Summer…

white summer

Seeing the white summer through darkness. I would like to be in that state of wonder every single moment of my life. Remind me when i don’t. It’s probably the best tribute to my uncle Gustave.

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Amplify Festival of Innovation & Thought Leadership-powered by AMP and now is Australia’s largest business innovation gathering of world-leading experts, entrepreneurs and thought leaders.


Amplify Festival 2013 is themed: Shift Happened > Transformation Required. It will explore the irreversible shifts triggered by the triple revolution of digital, social and mobile technologies and the implications for business models and business transformation, including the Future of Work.

Who attends

Now in its 10th year, Amplify is both AMP’s internal catalyst for change AND open to the public. Already 12 CEOs and 24 C-suite executives from Australia, Singapore, Japan, and China’s leading corporations have snatched up the limited number of tickets (only 80) reserved for business leaders of the Asia-Pacific region.

Please don’t keep this a secret- your clients and friends will love you for passing on this opportunity to deeply engage with today’s business transformation challenges!

International cast of 35

Check out the depth of international thought leaders around Emerging Trends and Disruptive Technologies, Skills for the Future, Business Model Transformation; Enterprise Systems, Multi-channel Immersive experiences and Organisational Change that will be speaking at Amplify Festival.

People like Lucy Marcus ( From Reuters’ “In the Boardroom with Lucy Marcus”); Jason Pontin ( Editor-in-Chief MIT Technology Review); Saul Kaplan ( Founder Business Innovation Factory) , Peter Vander Auwera ( Founder Corporate Rebels and Innovation Catalyst for SWIFT’s Innotribe); Howard Lindzon ( Founder & CEO Stocktwits), JP Rangaswami (Chief Scientist Salesforce) ; Sherwood Neiss (Founder & CEO Crowd Capital); John Heinsen ( Digital Producer OSCARS), Michael Schrage ( MIT Media Lab) , to name but a few of the international cast of 35!

The full programme can be viewed and tickets purchased via the website at http://www.amplifyfestival.com.au

The Early Bird (Festival pass) offer closes 15 April. We also offer day passes, breakfasts, workshops, our ever popular $10 event, The Bright Sparks Pitch Night for PhD Students and free access to the EXPO in Sydney on 7 June.

Call to action

This is going to be the biggest ever Amplify! If you are a leader in a large corporation today, can you afford NOT to be there?


Annalie Killian
AMP Director of Innovation & Amplify Festival,
Twitter: @Amplifyfest @Maverickwoman

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