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Côte d’Azur

The Tour de France 2019 started in Brussels this year and the route to the south passed by a village at about 20km from where I live. So, I took my bike on that super sunny day to watch the circus passing by, including the publicity caravan 3 hours in advance of the cyclists.


It all feels like a big summer feast, with all folks – of all ages, gender, race, poor and rich – coming out of their alcoves to enjoy this popular almost festivalesque party. It inspired me to write these couple of lines of somewhat nostalgic reflection:

Lovely girls with red-red lips and short-short shorts waving and smiling at the crowds.

A flashback to the Côte d’Azur, the French Riviera, Saint-Tropez, Claude François, Serge Gainsbourg, and dub reggae. A throwback to the seafood restaurant along the promenade in Nice during a Gartner conference.

Being a flaneur, voyeur, a little bit tipsy, just enough to feel happy with a cold glass of white-white wine and some delicious white-white fish-au-citron, freshly steamed potatoes, and a drip of fine-fine olive oil on a terrace on the beach.

The taste of summer. The taste of vacation.




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I decided to change the format of Delicacies somewhat. Instead of the weekly deluge, I see an irregular, unpredictable, incoherent, unfocused set of mind-sparks that got me thinking. I gather them as I go, and once every month (maybe every two, three months), I condense the harvest in maximum 5-10 Delicacies. Also a bit back to the joy of discovery and awe, away from the pressure to pump out a too bulky newsletter every week. Hope you find the same joy in reading as I did in discovering.

And instead of cut-and-pasting from the Revue Newsletter, I just include a link to it. Interested readers can subscribe directly to the Revue Newsletter.

Check out today’s edition: https://www.getrevue.co/profile/petervan/issues/petervan-s-delicacies-issue-123-177005

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