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I am still reflecting on some feedback regarding an event that I recently designed and facilitated. One of the comments was that “there was too much ebb and flow”, and that we should create more “pressure” to keep the highs at maximum volume at all times.

But is ebb and flow such a bad thing? I don’t think so. On the contrary, the tension between ebb and flow is a requirement for growth and creativity. Adding more pressure will not keep the flow on, it could create exhaustion and fractures and breakages.

Instead of pressure, I believe we need to design opportunities for expansion, probably in the form of silence or more in general, reflection moments in the absence of inputs and triggers.

Like in Jan Chipchase’s expeditions: “Long trekking days were spent in meditative solitude or long conversations depending on personal preference, as energies ebbed and flowed

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Petervan Artwork © 2019 - iPhone 11 Pro - Soundscape in Garageband

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Petervan Artwork © 2019 - Insta360 ONE camera - Soundscape in Ableton Live

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The latest version of Delicacies is here: https://www.getrevue.co/profile/petervan/issues/petervan-s-delicacies-issue-125-193906




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