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Petervan Artwork © 2019 - 3D Sculpture in Forger for iPAD
Texture own painting acryl on canvas 50x50cm


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Labyrinth Geert

An irregular update on what happened since my previous August 2019 post and some updated plans. With lots (!) of images and videos 😉 Looks like I have been busy, but it did not feel that way.

The Artschool Project

The Artschool academy year started again in Sep 2019, and I decided to do a cross-over year combining Painting and Digital Visual Arts. Progress has been a bit slow as I need to find a good rhythm to combine these two areas, and the abundance in creative apps has overwhelmed me a bit, to be honest. Some examples:

Canvas work


Petervan Artwork © 2019 – Dancers – Acryl on canvas – 50x50cm


Abstact-1 Cropped

Petervan Artwork © 2019 - Abstract#1 – Acryl on Canvas – 120x100cm


Combined Canvas-Digital work


Petervan Artwork © 2019 – The Boxer – Canvas and Digital – 50x50cm





Some other videoscapes here (playlist):

With thanks to my Academy coaches Chris, Inge, and Patrick

Time Capsules Project

 The Time Capsules Project (see my previous update) is still on hold. The plan is still to have at least a prototype of our Beyoncé project, before further engaging with other commissions


Delicacies is an irregular, unpredictable, incoherent, unfocused publication of mind-sparks that got me thinking. There have been three issues of Delicacies since Aug 2019. Check-out them out here:





I published a number of reflections related to ambiguity, worlding, and hierarchies:






I also queued up a huge list of reflections, and there are some juicy pieces in preparation for identity and – what is he now thinking – about “foam”. I will try to post them at a rhythm of 1-2 per month.

Petervan Rides

Lots of fun putting together some monthly Spotify Lists. Most fun when you choose shuffle play:

Petervan Ride July 2019

Petervan Ride August 2019

Petervan Ride September 2019

Petervan Ride October 2019

Petervan Ride November 2019


Petervan Mixes

DJ PRO Mixer

Mix by Petervan Scapes © 2019 – With algoriddim DJ Pro Version 1.4.5

More music

Check out Neil Young’s book “To Feel Music”: the book is related to his efforts to let you re-discover high-res sound, as most existing streaming services only offer low quality sound. These days, young people who never heard vinyl analog sound through a decent HiFi kit, have no idea what really good sound sounds like. Neil Young wants to fix that.

With his book and the Neil Young Archives, you can enjoy again his full collection and much more in high-res. There is also a dedicated App for iPhone, iPad, and Android, but the best listening experience is on your PC/Mac connected to a good amplifier and speakers. Highly recommended.

Screenshot 2019-11-26 at 09.30.32

Visual Collisions

I started collecting a number of “visual collisions”. Most of these are videos, a minority are pictures. These visual collisions are intended to de-frame an audience before introducing something new.

Check out this YouTube Channel:

New toys

I added some new toys to my studio, most of it is software (and most of it free of charge, at least for art students):

  • 3D animation: Blender
  • Photo & Video: VideoLeap, Insta360 ONE, Arloopa, Leo AR Camera
  • Drawing: Procreate, Adobe Sketch, AutoDesk 3D Brush, Maya, Mudbox, Fusion 360°, Sketchbook Motion
  • Music: SoundPrism, Synth, Keezy, Mellowsound, Beatwave, Synth One, CymaScope, EON App by Jean-Michel Jarre, Trope App by Brian Eno & Peter Schilvers


I have been reading quite a lot. Noteworthy are “The Aesthetic Imperative” by Peter Sloterdijk, and “How to Speak Machine” by John Maeda.

I am fascinated by Sloterdijk’s “Foams” (more about that later)

„Foams „completes Peter Sloterdijk’s celebrated „Spheres“ trilogy: his 2,500-page „grand narrative“ retelling of the history of humanity, as related through the anthropological concept of the „Sphere.“ For Sloterdijk, life is a matter of form, and in life, sphere formation and thought are two different labels for the same thing. The trilogy also together offers his corrective answer to Martin Heidegger’s „Being and Time,“ reformulating it into a lengthy meditation of Being and Space — a shifting of the question of „who we are „to a more fundamental question of „where we are.“

Foams good res

The absolute #1 recommendation is Sad by Design by Geert Lovink. If you want to go beyond the worn-out opinions of Silicon Valley libertarians vs. Humanity, this is your book.

Sad by Design cover

You can find a link to all the books I am reading in my Goodreads


I visited a couple of art exhibitions:

  • Sentiments – Dhondt Dhaese Museum, Deurle, Belgium
  • PiKANT – Exhibition about Lace, Aalst, Belgium
  • SFMOMA – San Francisco, CA, USA

Bill May cropped2

Sarah Baker – Portrait of Bill May – Museum Dhondt Dhaenens
End Aug 2019 – Picture by Petervan


Lace is more – PiKANT exhibition about Lace in Aalst. 
Video and soundscape by Petervan



Jannis Kounellis – Untitled – 1983 - Arte Povera – SFMOMA Nov 2019


My own exhibition

Angel in Chapel

Angel in Chapel of Mater
Location of my upcoming exhibition end May 2020

Since I started academy some years ago, I produced something like 500 drawings, paintings, sketches, soundscapes, and video experiments. Many have asked whether I even thought of setting up an exhibition of my own work. That’s going to happen end  May – beginning June 2020:

Map Mater

Location: Chapel of Mater (a small village in the Flemish Ardennes, Tour de Flanders territory)

  • Dates: 29 May 2020 4pm – 2 June 2020 1pm
  • Vernissage & reception: 29 May 2020 from 4pm – 9pm
  • 30-31 May, 1 June 2020 from 10am – 6pm
  • 2 June 2020, from 10am – 1pm

For regular updates on this exhibition via a mailing list, you can subscribe here.


Great summer morphing into rainy Sep-Oct-November. Not too bad. We visited a vineyard close to Aalst (Belgium) and biking tours continued at irregular intervals; small distances (20-40 km) at a very low speed. Maintenance of the garden also kept me busy. I have about 150 meters of hedges (x2 both sides), so by the time you get to the end, you can start again 😉


Vineyard in Aalst, Belgium - August 2019 - Picture by Petervan

Life of a Sunflower from 26 Aug till 30 Sep 2019 - Montage by Petervan

Green Dender

Bike tour along a very green Dender (river crossing Aalst)



Main project was a leadership immersion for a client that took us to Shenzhen and Hong Kong the first week of October 2019. Think of an Innotribe @ Sibos but then in a intimate retreat format for small private audiences; with artists of course. A good example of Imagining Worlds That You Believe In – aka “Worlding”, a term coined by Ian Cheng in his book.

HK Peak Tram

Hong Kong Peak Tram Oct 2019 – Picture by Petervan



Retirement is coming closer. I will be officially retired as from 1 May 2020. Not that I plan to stay idle, on the contrary. Within limits, I will stay available for interesting freelance work and plan to stay very focused on my artwork.

In other words, no time for too much social media engagement (I put some blockers on most of my devices) or making selfies.

Make art not selfies

Graffiti in Ghent Citadel Park 16 Sep 2019 – Picture by Petervan

All the above helped me getting sharper on what I am and what I do: create artistic interventions, interruptions, and provocations that lead to higher states of alertness and aliveness. Formats can be analog and digital artwork, performances, writings, poems, blogs, installations, exhibitions, immersions, soundscapes, recordings, documentaries, and time capsules.

So, whats next?

The plan for Jan – Mar 2020 is to work on:

  • “Interesting” freelance work
  • Artwork
  • Pick-up “Time Capsules” again
  • Studio renovation

labyrinth solved clean

As you can see, a labyrinth of choices. The red thread may be the solution: stay hungry, stay foolish, stay focused.

So, that’s it for this edition. If there is something worth reporting, the next update is for Apr 2020.

Merry Christmas and Happy New-Year!

Video play with Videoleap by Petervan – Music James Brown “I feel good”






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Abstact-1 Cropped

Petervan Artwork © 2019 - Abstract#1 - Acryl on canvas - 100x120cm

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There is a new edition of Delicacies out. You can read it here: https://www.getrevue.co/profile/petervan/issues/petervan-s-delicacies-issue-126-205279

I believe the file-rouge of this edition’s collection is the challenging of “traditional” internet critics. Forget what you know, unlearn, and develop your own new insights.

As a teaser, check out Utopian Overreach, a great counter-narrative to the narrative of staying human by being disconnected.

The digital-wellness movement, though it seems to counter the grandiose schemes of the tech industry, shares a similar aspiration of fixing people for their own good, prescribing a specific one-size-fits all relationship with technology as a way to build an ideal society. This movement is typified by former Google employee Tristan Harris’s Center for Humane Technology, books like Georgetown computer science professor Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism and Catharine Price’s How to Break Up With Your Phone, and software such as the Before Launcher and Google’s new suite of experiments aimed at “balancing life and tech,” including a counter that tells you how many times you’ve unlocked your phone in a day.

What these interventions all have in common is how they frame our problems with technology as a matter between the individual and a specific device or app rather than the social, moral, and infrastructural relations that ultimately bind them together.


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Petervan Artwork © 2019 - Walk In The Park
Video mix based on Insta360 One capture

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