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I am probably the antidote of fashion. My standard outfit these days is made of worn-out t-shirts, old sports shorts, and plastic sandals (sort of). Nothing poetic for sure. So, it may surprise you that from time to time, I am inspired by fashion, their designers and their shows to present the spring/summer/autumn/winter collections.

rei Kawakubo 2

                      Koan-like design by Rei Kawakubo

I like the word “collection” for a body of work, and thematic portfolio. I admire the designer and their teams for the endless patience and discipline to churn out every quarter another collection and brand new fashion show.

Some shows become “classics”, sometimes because of the extravaganza and spectacular tricks and effects, others – the better ones – because they resemble more poetry than anything else.

I was pleased to bump into this great article by Angelo Flaccavento in Business of Fashion, titled “In Paris, a Fight for Supremacy”. Here are some interesting quotes highlighting the difference between sensationalism and pure quality that may inspire you to deliver better work, not just noise.


All the theatre and gimmicks sometimes

feel like a cover up for a spectacular lack of ideas


The nth iteration of the code

convinces you it’s time for a diet, or a detox.


Turning codes into a cliché is dangerous.


Honesty, focus and professional humbleness

are truly disruptive these days. 


Moving forward no longer seems to be a priority.

It’s just the endless drops of products

that give the impression of constant renewal.


The impression of constant renewal. Think about that.


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