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I am excited to announce and invite you to Petervan Virtual Solo, my first solo exhibition of some recent artwork. 


A collection of sketches – paintings – soundscapes – videos – 3D sculptures – digital sketches – AI warpings – poems – fairy tales – timecapsules

To visit Petervan Virtual Solo, go to https://artspaces.kunstmatrix.com/en/exhibition/1553528/petervan-virtual-solo

Screenshot 2020-06-22 at 08.27.47

The exhibition runs from 1 July 2020 till 31 August 2020 and is open 24/7

Here is a link to the online catalog; you can select specific works, and – if interested – click the “Send Request” button. PDF of the catalog available upon request.

You can also experience these and other artworks in Augmented Reality to get a feel on how these works would fit in your living room: https://augmented.kunstmatrix.com/en/node/1489. You first have to download the KUOI App on your smartphone/tablet, download the barcode, and use ID code 1489


The Opening Vernissage will also be virtual: the format chosen is a video “TimeCapsule” with introductory words by my cousin Joost Vander Auwera (Senior Curator Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joost_Vander_Auwera) and Chris Vanbeveren (Peter’s art coach at the Academy of Visual Arts in Ghent). The TimeCapsule will be released on 15 July 2020 and you will find it for viewing and download on my webpage https://petervan.wordpress.com/

That is also where you can stay informed. Please subscribe to my website and you’ll get an email notification when there is news.

Screenshot 2020-06-26 at 08.46.58

With gratitude:

To my family, my mentors, and coaches of the art academies of Overijse and  Ghent; Joost, Chris, and Frank for the help with the TimeCapsule; my supporters, and everybody who kept/keeps encouraging me to follow my artistic instincts. Special thanks to Peter Hinssen and Cathy Boesmans: our initial plan was to have a real live exhibition in the AppleChapple in Mater, Oudenaarde, Belgium. We were all set to go, but we had to change our plans due to Covid-19. We will be back with some art-videos running in the vintage Mackintoshes.


That’s it! Enjoy the exhibition! I am looking forward to our next encounter, virtually or in real life.

With warm artistic regards,



Ik wil je graag uitnodigen op Petervan Virtual Solo, mijn eerste solo tentoonstelling van recente kunstwerken.


Een collectie schetsen – schilderijen – klankborden – videos – 3D sculpturen – Digitale schetsen – AI verbuigingen – gedichten – sprookjes – tijdscapsules

Je kan Peter’s virtuele tentoonstelling hier bezoeken: https://artspaces.kunstmatrix.com/en/exhibition/1553528/petervan-virtual-solo

Screenshot 2020-06-22 at 08.27.47

De tentoonstelling loopt van 1 Juli 2020 tot 31 Augustus 2020, en is open 24/7.

Hier is een link naar de on-line catalogus van deze tentoonstelling; je kan werken aanklikken en indien interesse is er een “Send Request” knop om mij te contacteren. De PDF van de catalogus is beschikbaar op eenvoudig verzoek.

Deze en andere werken kan je ook als Augmented Reality ervaren en testen hoe een bepaald werk past in jouw ruimte. Ga near https://augmented.kunstmatrix.com/en/node/1489 en download eerst de KUOI App op je smartphone/tablet, download de barcode, en gebruik ID code 1489


Ook de Opening Vernissage zal virtueel zijn: een video TijdsCapsule met inleiding door mijn neef Joost Vander Auwera (Senior Curator Koninklijk Musea van Schone Kunsten van België https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joost_Vander_Auwera) en Chris Vanbeveren (Peter’s kunst coach schilderen aan de Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten in Gent). De TijdsCapsule zal gelanceerd worden op 15 Juli 2020 en je zal deze kunnen bekijken en downloaden via mijn website https://petervan.wordpress.com/. Je kan je daar ook inschrijven: je krijgt dan automatisch een email als er nieuws is.

Screenshot 2020-06-26 at 08.46.58

Met dank aan:

Mijn familie, mijn mentoren en coaches van the kunstacademies van Overijse en Gent; Joost, Chris, Frank voor de TijdsCapsule, mijn fans, en iedereen die mij bleef en blijft  aanmoedigen om mijn artistieke instincten te volgen. Extra dankwoord voor Peter Hinssen en Cathy Boesmans: ons initieel plan was om de tentoonstelling te laten doorgaan in de AppleChapple in Mater, Oudenaarde, Belgium. Alles stond in de startblokken, maar Covid-19 heeft daar anders over beslist. Uitstel is geen afstel: we komen terug met een aantal art-videos op de vintage Mackintoshes.


Dat is het zowat. Geniet van de tentoonstelling. Ik kijk uit naar onze volgende ontmoeting of gesprek, virtueel of in levenden lijve. 

Met warme artistieke groet,


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Petervan Artwork © 2020 - Scribble on iPad with ProCreate

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Petervan Artwork © 2020 - Series of A.I. Boxers
Own Painting through CycleGAN Neural Network

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Boxer final cropped

Petervan Artwork © 2020 - Boxer Final - Acryl on Canvas - 50 x 50 cm

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Yellow Speed V1 cropped

Petervan Artwork © 2020 - Yellow Speed - Acryl on Canvas - 50 x 50 cm

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I recently had a number of conversations on “Virtual Meetings” or “Virtual Events”. The briefing boils down to the following two questions:

  • How can I create a virtual version of my now canceled physical event, meeting, and interaction with my customers/partners?
  • How can I take the lead in this virtual space?

I am surprised how often the initial briefings immediately jump into the aspects of production and tools. A sort of fear of missing out on the latest coolest online tool or platform. There is a deeper fear of missing the virtual boat, and fear of overnight irrelevance.

A production themed briefing is usually a sign that the client is looking for some quick and dirty quick wins (the lipstick on the pig), is not clear about the different dimensions at play when architecting an on-line (or off-line) event, and has even less clarity on their ambition levels.

In those conversations, I love to do some live (virtual) whiteboarding. By doing so, I stumbled upon a framework that seems to resonate with many people.

During some Zoom meetings, I could literally hear the clicking of the screen pictures while I was drawing.

So I decided to make a bit cleaner version of it and just put it on my blog. I call it Petervan’s Ambition Cube for Virtual Meetings © 2020 ;-).

I have certainly learned one thing in the last couple of weeks: the more I share it, the more feedback I get. The story becomes more coherent, and the network helps me identifying the blind spots.

Screenshot 2020-05-15 at 08.43.22

There are 3 axes:

  • Duration: how long does the event last? From 5 minutes to 2 months for example
  • Interactivity: how much is the audience involved? From 100% passive listening to immersive free play
  • PAX # Participants: from a 1-1 till several thousands of participants

On the Duration/Interactivity pane, one can start plotting different types and formats of events. From simple 5 min one-way pitches and introductions to deep immersive games and workshops.

The PAX dimension is an interesting one. If we maintain our physical event vocabulary, we can plot some meetings styles from Private Groups, over Breakout Rooms to Plenary sessions. But it is a physical vocabulary.

I started wondering what a truly virtual vocabulary would look like:

  • Interactivity would become “participation level/intensity”
  • Duration would become something like “rhythm” or “tempo”
  • PAX would become something like “connectedness”

The Ambition Cube then looks like this:


It becomes really interesting when I start mixing The Tribes – Institutions – Markets – Networks (TIMN) framework of David Ronfeldt‘s (TIMN was defined in 1996 already. Link to the PDF here). I started reflecting on how these groups communicated and what they enable:

Screenshot 2020-05-15 at 08.56.59

Now, we are getting somewhere. It becomes clear that the challenge is not to virtualize the existing. I believe the right questions are:

  • How do we create collective memories and narratives?
  • How do we create a participatory culture?
  • How do we raise your game on what goes on in that little window/screen?
  • How can we resonate at another, additional level than the pure cognitive?
  • How can we advance at an aesthetic, spiritual, and moral level?

Screenshot 2020-05-15 at 09.13.43

We can now use the Ambition Cube to define our “virtual” ambitions. Plotting where we are today, and where we want to be in n-number of days, weeks, or months. Once you know this, you can start looking into the many tools that exist to make the magic happen and start looking for architects, curators, and production companies that can help you with the coherence of content and experience.

To close, I also made a “clean” 3D version of the cube in a 3D drawing tool called Blender:

The cube rendered

I am working out loud here: please give feedback, help me identifying the blind spots, share your experience when using this with your clients.

The Ambition Cube is licensed CC BY-SA 4.0, as are all materials found on this site.



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Most (95%) are March 2020 releases, here and there some classics from BC. Works best if you play in shuffle mode. Enjoy!

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Petervan Artwork ©2020 - The Real Virus Does Not Look That Nice
3D Sculpture in Putty 3D - Soundtrack

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Seaside Tribe V1 cropped

Petervan Artwork ©2020 - Seaside Tribe - Acryl on canvas - 120x100cm

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Man on canvas

Petervan Artwork © 2019 – Little man on canvas – Acryl on Canvas – 10x10cm


Ik luister, dus ik ben

Ik kijk, dus ik ben

Ik teken, dus ik ben

Ik schrijf, dus ik ben

Ik componeer, dus ik ben

Ik creëer, dus ik ben

Ik loop, dus ik ben

Ik rust, dus ik ben

Ik huil, dus ik ben

Ik dans, dus ik ben

Ik schilder, dus ik ben

Ik peins, dus ik ben

Ik de-peins, dus ik ben

Meen je dat echt?

J’écoute, donc je suis

Je regarde, donc je suis

Je dessine, donc je suis

J’écris, donc je suis

Je compose, donc je suis

Je crée, donc je suis

Je cours, donc je suis

Je me repose donc je suis

Je cris, donc je suis

Je danse, donc je suis

Je peins, donc je suis

Je pense, donc je suis

Je dé-pense, donc je suis


I listen, therefore I am

I look, therefore I am

I draw, therefore I am

I write, therefore I am

I compose, therefore I am

I create, therefore I am

I run, therefore I am

I chill, therefore I am

I cry, therefore I am

I dance, therefore I am

I paint, therefore I am

I pense, therefore I am

I ex-pense, therefore I am



Je depense


This post is the start of a short series of posts on who and where I am/you are, and a set of new interventions and provocations to renew aliveness and alertness in what we observe and what we hope for. Looking forward to creating spiritual, moral and aesthetical advancement together.

You can subscribe via email to these posts via the “Follow blog via email” in the upper right corner of this page. Enjoy!



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