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Petervan Productions 2017
My own painting “Dancing Girl in Flemish Fields”
Through a Pikazo Van Klee filter

The summer slowly comes to an end. It is now almost ten months (!) since the start of my long-term sabbatical as Petervan Productions. It also means only four months to go. If you are interested in my developing story, my Jan 2017, March 2017 and May 2017 updates are still available.

A quick update:

Last months I have not been productive at all, at least not from a “work” point of view: begin May, I loosened up a bit my strict work schedule and decided to let my day agenda dictate by the weather – if good weather go out, if rainy do focused work – and since then we mostly only had sunny days 😉 So indeed, I did a reasonable amount of cycling (nothing excessive, short trips, 1-2 per week), and a lot of BBQ and wine in my garden to keep the balance right.

IMG_4639 (1)

Bike ride: Corn fields south of Brussels – June 2017

The biggest distraction from “work” was our house move on 7 August, with significant prep work, and still now a number of boxes to be unpacked. So don’t expect too much from me for the remainder of the summer either. I did very little on the performance, but I have composed the music for the opening part of it.


For the end of the academic year, I created an installation called “TOKOMA”. Here is the video and a link to the poem that goes with it. Everything is self-made, including the music and the poem.

Art school is now closed for the summer holidays. As we moved places, I have subscribed for next year in the academy of Aalst. But I will miss my friends at the academy in Overijse and especially my teacher Ann Grillet.

Globe3 croppedIMG_3945IMG_4612 cropped

Some recent Petervan Productions: Globe3, Yellow Ball, Dancing Girl

I also created another poem “Strillingen”, very clumsy translated (by myself) into “Hidrations”.


I accepted a gig for FinnoSummit in September in Mexico to do their opening keynote, which should include some elements of my performance “Tin Drum is Back”. The working title for the keynote is “Deep Change in Organizations”, and is currently scheduled at the start of day-2 of the summit. We’ll probably change the word “deep” into “structural”: see my post on Good Change – Bad Change.

The event will take place in Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral, a fantastic building designed by architect Gerardo Broissin.



Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral in Mexico City

The venue comes with a concert hall with all possible A/V whistles and bells, so if everything goes to plan, I will bring with me this awesome Ableton Push device and illustrate the story with own artwork and soundscapes.


Ableton Push Device

The House Project

As mentioned above, we moved houses. We moved to a place close to Aalst. It’s a quite recent house (20 years old) and used to be a practice of a physiotherapist, so I am in full progress to transform the practice into some sort of atelier/studio, my sacred secret temple 😉


The house also comes with a huge garden (25 acres) so I am afraid that will need some of my attention too. And my daughter wants chickens, and my wife wants a kitchen garden. I have also noticed spectacular changes in light intensity in the garden, and I can’t wait to capture some of that in one of my upcoming paintings.


Some great milestones for my almost 12-year old daughter Astrid:

Mid May, she did her solemn communion, and she was ravishing. A proud father and mother indeed 😉


Ravishing Astrid – May 2017

End June she ended primary school and now moves to secondary school. A new school, a new city, saying good-bye to her dear friends in Overijse, and making plenty of new friends in this brand new environment. A lot of change for my big girl! She will need my and mom’s attention 😉


I have written and reflected a lot, read some really good books and got some new insights.

I also got invited to a huge research centre of a very big company (can’t say who, I am under a very strict NDA – no pics etc that sort of thing, but it’s not in Fintech or anything). I was blown away how they integrate artists in their work.

And there was this wonderful visit to the Gaasbeek Castle, with a very well curated expo named “Kairos Castle. The Art of the Moment”. I was however most impressed with the botanic garden of the castle, and took this nice picture of an orange tree in open air.

IMG_4593 (1)

Orange tree in open air in the Orangerie of the Gaasbeek Castle

And somewhere end May, I decided to put myself on a Twitter, FB and LinkedIn diet. I wanted to know what happens if I don’t tweet etc for at least a month (spoiler: not much, but some followers kindly asking if everything was ok, thanks for that). The social media just felt very distracting and most of the time full of emptiness (“full-of-emptiness”).

I have BTW a blog post in the queue about that emptiness, about being normal/special and about titles, roles, attention, the call for anonymity etc. You see, I did not change that much ;-). Now that the move is over, a will increase again my stream rhythm and publishing sequence

So, what’s next?

During Aug –Sep 2017, the plan is to work on:

  • The house project. I want to have the studio fully ready and operational by end September
  • Produce the opening keynote for the FinnoSummit
  • Continue the research on structural change (previously “deep” change)
  • Get some blogs and reflections published

kenny scharf

Kenny Scharf Art Studio

That’s about it for this edition. If there is something worth reporting, next update is for Oct 2017. Looking forward to hearing from your latest adventures as well.

Rebelliously yours,


I am in the business of cultivating high quality connections and flows to create immersive learning experiences and structural change. Check out: https://petervanproductions.com/

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IMG_4612 cropped

“Dancing Girl in Flemish Fields”. Acryl on canvas, about 100cm x 80cm

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Globe3 cropped

Globe3 - Petervan Productions 2017 - Acryl on canvas - 70x70cm




Stille trillingen

Koude rillingen

Van verderf

Bewust gevaar verkennen, de schaamte voorbij

Een hond bekijkt haar keutel, reutel, geleuter

Niets is waard wat het is

De zon gaat op en laat me alleen

Het gezoem van de banden op asphalt verstilt

Ik hoor alleen nog de hitte van het tarmac

Lucht trillingen en fata morganas

Warmte rillingen van genot

Een vluchtheuvel te ver

Begraven maskers en strelingen


(very) rough translation


Still vibrations

Cold and chilling


Explorations of dangerous awareness, beyond the shame

A dog inspects her dung, rattle, and drivel

Nothing is worth what it seems

The silencing humming of tires on asphalt

Only the heat of tarmac is left

Air vibrations and fata morganas

Warm shivers of pleasance

A hideaway too far

Buried masks and hidden cuddles



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Femme Dejantee cropped.jpg

Artschool 2017: "Femme Déjantée"
Acryl on canvas stitched on wooden panel - 120 x 80 cm

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art room

3D Art room by 12 years old at BKO Academy – Feb 2017

I recently realised that it’s almost seven months since I saw an airplane from the inside. That’s indeed the time I am into my long-term sabbatical as Petervan Productions. It also means I am about halfway: another seven months indeed between now and end 2017. If you are interested in my developing story, my Jan 2017 and March 2017 updates are still available.

A quick update:

March-April felt like a period of soul-searching and reflection. I constantly had the impression I was not doing much and progressing very little, but writing this update gave me some comfort: there still is some advancement towards my goal and that of Petervan Productions.

I feel less restless than in the first couple of months, and can accept that a day goes by without any concrete deliverable. I also made some minor changes to my daily schedule, which is now more in synch with nature. For example, when the weather is great, I go outside for a bike ride or some gardening, and that’s why I already got a nice pre-summer tan 😉 And when it rains, it’s time for desk work. As there is enough rain in Belgium, there is enough time for desk work.


Artschool continued at +/- 9 hours per week practice in the art studio of the art academy. Got a challenging color-study from my coach, which also led into a remake of “The Drama”. I also started liking the use of many very transparent layers.



Two completely different works
Both acryl on cotton canvas stitched on wooden board
122 x 82 cm


  • I had many 1-1 conversations with friends and relatives to collect feedback on the performance “Tin Drum Is Back”. Thank you so much for the very valuable feedback!
  • Did some site visits to find the ideal location for the performance. Nothing came really close for the final show: some spaces were great, but the acoustics awful. And for some good news I got commitment from two sponsors to use their space for the dry run and Avant-premiere.
  • I also received some first proposals for the visual identity of the show there is much more, but this would be the main theme:

tin drum visual

First mood board for “Tin Drum” performance


Nothing special here. As you know from previous updates, I am not in active prospection mode, and every request is measured against my existing priorities:

  • There are 1-2 interesting speaking engagements that allow me to test some of the performance and/or structural change concepts.
  • One promising lead for an immersive learning expedition with artistic performances.
  • Little progress on the retreat-style event.


I visited some great art exhibitions and had some very pleasant conversations with art curators.

Inspiring also were the visits to the new site of Axel Vervoordt along the canal in Wijnegem (Antwerp) and the visit to ceramist Piet Stockmans in Genk, and the premiere of the film about Dries Van Noten in Bozar.

Piet Stockmans blue

Piet Stockmans – Blue plate

dries film

Extract from film Dries Van Noten

And I also started experimenting with some poems, some out of the blue, others in relation to some of my artwork. A first collection via this link.

So, what’s next?

During May – June 2017, the plan is to work on:

  • My daughter’s communion is on 14 May 2017. We plan to keep things simple, invite some close family in our garden with a back-up tent in case of rain, and some quality food and drinks brought in by a local caterer.
  • Creating an installation for the June 2017 year end exposition of my art school; the installation will be called “TOKOMA”
  • A visit to a research facility in Germany that integrates artists in industrial research project work
  • The production aspects of the performance
  • Continue the research on structural Deep change – Good Change – Bad Change with some excellent feedback from my social media community.

This year’s summer promises to be different as well. We decided to move houses to be closer to the Flemish Primitives. Emptying the old house, refurbishing the new one, boxing and un-boxing will keep us busy most of the summer. The new house was previously a doctor’s practice, and the plan is to organise one space as an artist’s atelier/production studio where I plan to study, paint, write poems, compose music, and produce experiences.

Michael Landy atelier

Detail from Atelier Michael Landy

That’s about it for this edition. If there is something worth reporting, next update is for July 2017. Looking forward to hearing from your latest adventures as well.

Rebelliously yours,


I am in the business of cultivating high quality connections and flows to create immersive learning experiences and structural change. Check out: https://petervanproductions.com/


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Petervan Astract Nr 364

Artschool 2017 > "Overlap" 
Acryl on canvas stitched on wooden panel 125 x 85 cm

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The Drama 2 cropped

Re-interpretation of The Drama. Acryl on cotton canvas stitched on wooden panel 120x80cm.

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