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Petervan Artwork ©2020 - The Real Virus Does Not Look That Nice
3D Sculpture in Putty 3D - Soundtrack

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Seaside Tribe V1 cropped

Petervan Artwork ©2020 - Seaside Tribe - Acryl on canvas - 120x100cm

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Petervan Artwork © 2020 - 3D Mask Experiment in 3D Putty

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Petervan Artwork © 2020 - Collage Canvas on Canvas - 120x52cm

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Petervan Artwork © 2020 - Digital Sketches and own soundscape

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Petervan Artwork © 2020 - 3D sculptures and own soundscape

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EX-perience is “out”, IN-tervention is “in”

When I talk about “experience”, I mean:

  • The new hype of artistic “experiences” at art exhibits
  • “Experiences” at events
  • The “experience” of driving a car
  • The “experience” in whatever, like tasting chocolate, as promoted in advertisements

It is almost always about “entertainment”, easy/easier/more convenient consumption, not forcing you to learn a new (or old/existing) language.

CycleGAN - December 22nd 2019 at 3.16.22 PM

Petervan Artwork © 2020 – Canvas through CycleGAN cloud AI model


When I talk about “intervention”, I mean:

  • Provoking
  • Asking questions
  • Challenging assumptions
  • Planting speculations
  • Through visceral (sensorial) triggers
  • Creating better “resonances”
  • Playing your harmonics, like harmonics in music
  • Hearing the real-real sound (like in Neil Young Archives)

Formats can be analog and digital artwork, performances, events, retreats, writings, poems, blogs, installations, exhibitions, immersions, soundscapes, recordings, documentaries, time capsules, AI warps, and fairy tales 😉

Interventions help us rediscover what is real, what resonates, what makes us go into frequency, what moves us, etc. And all this with a direction, with an intention: to enable spiritual, moral and aesthetical advancement at systems’ scale.


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