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This is the last post in a series of four about the Innotribe Sibos 2015 programme.

In a play of words on Kevin Kelly’s book “What Technology Wants”, we have four major themes this year, one theme per day:


Day-4 is all about Machine Intelligence. We will showcase highly immersive demonstrations of cognitive analytics for a real-time world. The day will include sufficient critical voices on the impact of machine intelligence on the future of jobs and human / machine interaction.

Our anchor-person for the day is our own Jay van Zyl, Founder & CEO, Innosect.


Jay is all about Social Based Innovation: unlocking value in the social ecosystem requires a renewed look at how machine and human interact. He is involved with ground-breaking work in Silicon Valley, for example the Innovation for Jobs community lead by David Nordfors and Vint Cerf. His latest book “Built to Thrive, making your mark in a connected world” was published in 2011 focuses on the social aspects of innovation.

Usually, by day-4 of Sibos, folks get a bit tired, so we thought opening this day with something really cool. Starting at 09:15am – 10:00am on the Innotribe stand, our session “Accelerating and scaling expertise with cognitive computing from IBM Research and Watson” will showcase these new promising technologies in 360°! We will use the full real estate of our big LED wall to immerse you in mind-blowing demos of cognitive assistants, a financial sentiment aggregator, psycholinguistic features, and deep learning techniques. And yes, we will have the IBM Watson robot.

Video IBM Watson Engagement Advisor – check out robot at 1 min

After a short break, we’ll continue on the Innotribe stand at 10:15am – 11:15am with the “Voice of the customer 3.0”. In the old days, organisations tried to understand the voice of their customers through so-called customer focus groups. We have evolved a lot since then. In this session we’ll show you three examples of the 2.0 and 3.0 generations:

  • Fidor Bank operates a highly participatory platform for customer and developer engagement in almost real-time
  • Better Ventures will showcase how creating participatory experiences and at scale is now within reach of any financial institution.
  • Innosect looks at the intersection of innovation and human capacity as our work on the idea-graph seeks to create the ultimate human-idea network.

The Innosect piece is a nice segway in to the next session at 12:45pm – 13:45pm, Innotribe stand “Thinking machines and jobs: How banks can respond to the opportunity”.

robot pepper

You will be welcomed by Pepper, the Aldebaran robot

Will robots steal your job? Check out this site from BBC news, to assess the likelihood that your job could be automated within the next two decades. But it is probably the wrong question. It’s a question grounded in a faltering narrative of a task-centered economy. We can do better.

That’s why we have invited David Nordfors, CEO and Co-Chair, i4J Innovation for Jobs who together with his partner Vint Cerf at Google are already thinking about the next stage: “If computers are going to do what people do today, what can people do?

We will quickly change the dystopian “robots will kill our jobs” conversation into a “disrupting unemployment” perspective and weave in the views of Millennials from Wharton FinTech and the Singapore Management University.

At 14:00pm – 15:00pm, we’ll get a little more relaxed with a session labelled “Analytics for a real-time world” on the Innotribe stand.


Nevermind, we wanted to create a real demo nirvana, and have invited four data analytics and machine intelligence firms who will give amazing demos of applications that are currently in the market related to real-time financial services. I have seen some of the demos and how we are planning to stage this with the full real estate of our circular big LED wall, and this is something you don’t want to miss.

The Innotribe Sibos week comes to an end on the Innotribe stand with our closing session “Machines are not the answer”, starting at 15:15pm. We are very proud to have with us Andrew Keen, Author of “The Internet Is Not The Answer”.

internet not the answer

There are many positive ways in which the Internet has contributed to the world, but as a society we are less aware of its deeply negative effects on our psychology, economy, and culture. Andrew Keen will debunk some of the enthusiasm surrounding what we take for granted in our on-line lives, and reflect on all that artificial and machine intelligence we have seen on this day-4 of Innotribe Sibos 2015.

Right after the Innotribe closing session, we all head for the big Sibos Closing plenary, with Ravi Menon, Managing Director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). And later in the evening you are all invited to join the annual big Sibos party.


We hope you enjoyed this little series of posts familiarizing you with the Innotribe programme for this year.

We look forward welcoming you on-site and to see you part of our immersive learning experiences on platforms, society, innovation, and machine intelligence.

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For its seventh year, Innotribe at Sibos goes center stage! This translates into two components: first, some our most successful sessions of previous years go to the main stage: the Future of Money session and the Innotribe Startup Challenge Finale. Second, we are building an awesome innovation hub on the exhibition floor, next to the SWIFT stand.

On the outside, the stand is designed as a vibrant networking area, with exhibition demo stations for the Innotribe Startup Alumni and the late stage semi-finalists of the 2015 Innotribe Startup Challenge. And we’ll have the best coffee corner in town with real baristas.

Inside, the stand will host our circular workshop room. It’s already nicknamed as “The Blender” and has a magical 360° projection wall. This is where the majority of our sessions will take place.

As always, we will introduce the latest innovation trends, whilst delivering thought-provoking content designed to challenge perceptions. Together with global professionals from across the field of innovation, Innotribe will explore topics at the center of the financial services industry agenda in payments, market infrastructures, and the corporate landscape.

In a play of words on Kevin Kelly’s book “What Technology Wants”, we have four major themes this year, one theme per day:

  • Day-1: What Platforms Want
  • Day-2: What Society Wants
  • Day-3: What Innovation Wants
  • Day-4: What Machine Intelligence Wants

Across the four days, we have two big design principles: Millennials and Power Women in Finance who will be an integral part of all sessions in this year’s programme. We just launched two whitepapers to prepare us for Innotribe Sibos:

As you may notice, we put a lot of efforts in ensuring diversity by having different thought leaders joining us in every session: men, women, millennials, investors, accelerators and contrarians. Whirling around the room with the different protagonists like in a real blender, we will create the right mix of topics and speakers and create an interactive environment for our audience. This year we also do special effort to integrate art and music in the overall design of all our sessions.

Next to this, the Finale of this year’s Innotribe Startup Challenge will see the 12 early-stage startups selected during the regional showcases pitching their pioneering products and services.

Innotribe is open to all Sibos delegates willing to drive change and embrace innovation for the benefit of the financial industry, by understanding its trends, opportunities, and challenges: business analysts, product managers, strategists, marketing/branding/innovation managers, transaction bankers, securities managers, corporates, standards experts, payment professionals, investment managers, regulators, policy makers.

Registration via Sibos.com: https://www.sibos.com/my/login

Full programme on Sibos.com: https://www.sibos.com/conference/conference-programme/2015?field_session_stream_tid%5B%5D=466&op=Filter

Also see my recent interview on Sibos.com “Innotribe and the future of FinTech innovation”

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