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Artist Mario Klingemann’s groundbreaking piece of Artificial Intelligence (AI) generates a never-ending real-time stream of original art.

I found this mesmerizing video, where the artist explains how it works:


“If you hear somebody play the piano, would you ever say “the piano is the artist”? No. Same thing here: just because it is a complicated mechanism, it does not change the roles.”

The neural network is the brushes that I use, but in the end, it is always the feedback between me the artist and the medium and the material.

“It’s like a child that I can say “ok, now you go out in the world alone, and I can trust that you will keep on doing what I hope you would do, even if I am not sitting next to and still able to change something.”

That’s a hard moment for me when I can say “Ok, now I take my hands off the keyboard, and let it out in the world.

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