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This post is part-6 of a series of ten essays on the essence of work. For an introduction and overview of previous posts, check here.


Illustration: Adrian Villar Rojas - The most beautiful of all mothers - Instanbul Water Biennale

Part-6 is about you being responsible. Responsibility is highly correlated with accountability. In the Essence of Work, you are the sole responsible.

You are responsible for:

  • Yourselves: your mental and physical well-being
  • The teams you belong to:
  • The organisations these teams belong to;
  • The ecosystems these organisations belong to;
  • The whole world these ecosystems belong to

It’s about daring to step forward. It’s about daring to observe authentically. About daring expressing the unsaid. It is about daring to be great. We have covered a lot of all that in our work at Corporate Rebels United. Check out that site and join if you feel that resonates with you.

Why do I write this in the 3rd person? Make it personal. Read this as if it were you. Start the sentence with “I”.

Rebels are responsible

What else am I responsible for?

I am responsible for:

  • Choosing my clients
  • And the projects that I refuse
  • My own failure
  • How I stand in life and in work
  • Not being dependent anymore on the judgment of others and their standards
  • My standards
  • My norms
  • My promises to them and myself

Cant take it anymore

Cartoon – “Can’t take this anymore” - by Steve Cutts

Stop blaming others. Stop blaming the system. The problem is never out there, it is always in here. Step forward, and decide what you are going to do about it. You can’t take this anymore? Bullshit. You can take a lot more.

What happens when you take personal leadership? When you take responsibility for your health. For your needs and those of your team. Even if you live in a different needs–system. Even if you live in a different belief-system.

Your actions will be different, depending on the belief system and the needs you try to satisfy.

Here are some suggestions on how you can start your day differently. Make a checklist of it and read it when you wake-up, or stick it on the mirror where you brush your teeth every day. Make a poster out of it. Whatever.

  • I let go any notion of complaint – about myself and others – and see any situation where I feel uncomfortable as an opportunity to learn and change.
  • I leave all my fears behind and set myself open to all possibilities that may lead to something good, positive and inspiring to create with and for others.
  • I let the past for what it is and focus on “being” what can be: if I want the essence of my work be more integer, then I am more integer myself. If I need more coddling in my relationship, and I start coddling myself.
  • I inexhaustibly focus on the positive – on what I love about my partner, my daughter, my boss, etc and each time I still say how much I like them and let all the negative washout.
  • I’m a Believer – I believe and follow my inner compass. If I feel that something is possible, that is probably true.


Picture: Art students discussing the approach for their study books
Art Academy BKO 2015 - Overijse - Belgium

In the Essence of Work, I am responsible from A-Z. From the initial authentic observation, the first line of your drawing, the choice of paper, the choice of pen, brush or pencil, the execution, the finishing, the sharing, the giving of the gift, and the receiving of the feedback.

In the Essence of Work, I don’t have any excuses anymore to produce half-baked bread. In the Essence of Work, I am solely responsible to show the very best of me, every day.


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